Karen McCoy: Sound and Sight Walk

By Open Spaces KC (other events)

8 Dates Through Oct 27, 2018

Artist Karen McCoy is leading twelve participants at a time on 90-minute Sound and Sight Walks,
departing at scheduled times from Lakeside Nature Center to specific destinations. Using
ear trumpets to tune in to the auditory dimensions of the landscape as much as its visual
components, McCoy has developed the guided walk as a means of increasing sensory
perception through concentration, focus and isolating particular sounds and sights

This is tick and chigger season in Missouri. Please plan accordingly:
The ideal dress for this walk is light colored (so you can see any unwanted “hitchhikers”), light weight long pants  a long sleeved shirt made of “breathable-fabric”, worn with walking shoes with good soles for a couple of steep inclines that we may encounter and socks so that the pants may be tucked into them, and a hat. Please come as close as possible to approximating this as your current wardrobe allows! Everyone should bring water and insect repellent. There is poison ivy on the trail which will be pointed out by Karen McCoy.